Detox & Gut Repair Gummies

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Indulge in the incredible power of our Super Detox and Gut Repair Raspberry Gummies, featuring a unique formula that includes immune support, a nourishing green superfood blend, our signature performance blend, pre and probiotics for digestive health, antioxidants for cellular protection, and ingredients to support detox and metabolism. Enjoy delicious wellness in every raspberry-flavored bite!

Revitalize your hydration routine with our enhanced electrolyte formula, now fortified with the power of coconut water powder. We’ve taken the science of hydration to the next level by incorporating Taurine and ConcenTrace® into our premium blend, creating a hydration powerhouse fit for champions.

Taurine, renowned for its diverse health benefits including support for congestive heart failure (CHF), liver health, athletic performance, and more, joins forces with our proprietary ConcenTrace® Active Crystal (AC) complex. Harvested from the pristine depths of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, ConcenTrace® is a potent blend of essential minerals and trace elements meticulously balanced to mirror the body’s natural composition.

Research conducted by Columbia University and esteemed aging experts worldwide underscores the pivotal role of taurine in combating the aging process. Studies reveal that taurine supplementation not only slows aging in various animal models but can extend the healthy lifespans of middle-aged mice by a remarkable 12%.

Whether you prefer liquid, tablets, or gummies, our comprehensive range ensures you receive the daily foundation your body craves for optimal vitality and well-being. Elevate your hydration experience and embrace a future of renewed energy and vitality with our revolutionary super juice.

  1. Optimal Hydration: With the addition of coconut water powder, our formula ensures you achieve peak hydration levels, replenishing essential electrolytes lost during physical activity or daily routines.

  2. Heart and Liver Support: Taurine, a key component in our blend, offers support for heart health, aiding in the management of congestive heart failure (CHF) and promoting liver function, potentially mitigating conditions such as hepatitis.

  3. Enhanced Athletic Performance: Taurine has been linked to improved athletic performance, reducing fatigue and supporting endurance, making it an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike.

  4. Anti-Aging Properties: Cutting-edge research highlights taurine’s potential in slowing down the aging process, with studies demonstrating its ability to extend healthy lifespans in animal models, including mice and monkeys.

  5. Vital Mineral Support: Our ConcenTrace® Active Crystal (AC) complex provides a comprehensive array of essential minerals and trace elements, promoting overall health and well-being. From boosting energy levels to supporting bone strength and easing muscle cramps, ConcenTrace® is your daily foundation for optimal vitality.

  6. Versatile Options: Whether you prefer the convenience of liquid, the simplicity of tablets, or the deliciousness of gummies, our product range caters to diverse preferences, ensuring you receive the hydration and nutrition you need in a form that suits your lifestyle.

Embrace a future of renewed energy, vitality, and well-being with our revolutionary super juice, designed to elevate your hydration experience and support your journey to a healthier, more vibrant life.