eric's journey

Eric starts personaly training athletes! He trained with olympic gold medalist Curt Angle for wrestling.


Eric founded Camp Technique, in LA. An exercise based boot camp where we added sport specific and personal training elements as an amazing twist. It was first one of its kind in LA!


Eric and Camp Technique are featured on “Blind Date” and he begins training models and celebrities.


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Eric is featured on MTV-NEXT. Along with training, he was also featured on “The Best of LA”


Boot Camp is featured on Best of LA and Womens Entertainment. Los Angeles Magazine continues to rave about Eric’s boot camp!


Eric Trains celebrity Tyra Banks and her models! He is featured Americas Next Top Model!


Eric received commendation from the congresswoman Jane harman for commitment to the health and well being of Californians. Eric was recognized as having the best training in La. Eric trains the Dodger Organization.


Switched from most boot camp to focus on the international live in Fitness full immersion program. Changed the name to live in fitness from Camp Technique do to people understanding exactly what the camp/retreat is.


Eric Trains celebrity and Grammy Award nominee Chris Daughtry!

Croissant Magazine featured in Japan. Mens Health and Magazines continue to feature his work and expert knowledge. 


Eric featured on Dr. Phil training and life coaching couples who have marriage issues! The same day, Live in Fitness burns to the ground in a heartbreaking fire.



In Just 3 weeks, Live in Fitness is rebuilt in 3 weeks! Thanks to Eric and his incredible hardworking team, a new location as promised!
Eric Starts training a ton of actors and celebrities Elizabeth rohm, Angela Basset, Cedrick the Entertainer, Hugh Dillion, Eddie Izzard, Taste Smith, Tisha Martin Campbell, and more!




NBA star Blake Griffin embarks on our program and we start to engineer his results! Who knew healthy food tasted so good?


The Los Angeles Clippers sign on to do their testing and macro nutrient meals with Eric! Customized to every athelete, to help them on and off the court.


Eric writes “Fighting Monsters”, and is featured on the Bill Cunningham Show! Fighting monsters was writted to help people face their demons, and live the life they were meant to!


Image magazine give Eric’s Camp, Live in Fitness the prestigious honor of being rated the #1 Fitness Retreat in The World! He is featured with Chloe Kardashian.


Eric and live in fitness featured in GQ magazine. live in fitness gets rid of laguna beach location as the programs can not work in a resort setting . Too many ways tom cheat and chef can follow our complicated system. Eric Featured in ok magazine. Eric and Cedrick the entertainer make a show called make that healthy.


Racheal Rae features Eric as a life coach and trainer. The Fit Culture clothing line is also launched and gets accolades as a close competitor with Lululemon


Major new conent is done for Fit Club Tv! Our supplements line is created and compounded. Fit Culture Fuel is now living and breathing!


Hurricane Mathew devastates the island of Hilton head. THe Live in Fitness has to move fully back to LA.


Eric is featured on “The Doctors” with Jermaine. Eric and Live in Fitness helps Jermaine lose 303 pounds!


FitClub TV is launched! FitClub TV gets featured on the oscars and is promoted by Johnnie Depp, LL Cool J, lil Bow Wow, and many more.


Covid hits LA and Live in Fitness is shutdown. This is a struggle as it’s a destination retreat.


Eric devises a plan to get LIF back and operational.
We move to Arizona so we can re-open as California struggles to re-open and Arizona brings new hope! Erics book the blueprint method is launched for live in Fitness guest to use.
FitClub TV and Live in Fitness finally re-launched. Helping people tie together all the pieces of health. The most comprehensive online and in-person program ever built.



Live in fitness featured on Will Tennyson show The new academy for life coaching is established with 4 signature programs.