What Is Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing?

This test provides an analysis of a client’s body composition. As we know the human body is composed of metabolically active “lean’ tissues like bone, muscle, internal organs, water and adipose tissue or fat tissue.


As body fat assessment becomes increasingly essential in modern fitness practices, Hydrostatic Testing (Underwater Weighing) has emerged as the indisputable “Gold Standard” endorsed by industry experts. Renowned fitness authority Covert Bailey, in his seminal work “Fit or Fat”, unequivocally declares hydrostatic testing as the most precise method for determining body fat composition.

FitnessWave employs a two-component model in its hydrostatic method, distinguishing the body into lean mass, comprising bone, muscle, and connective tissue (denser than water), and body fat, which floats (less dense than water). By precisely measuring land weight and water weight, our specialized computer program scientifically calculates body fat percentage with unparalleled accuracy. Unlike conventional scales, hydrostatic testing discerns whether weight loss comprises muscle or fat, providing invaluable insights into body composition changes during weight loss regimens.

Clinically established over 50 years ago and rooted in Archimedes’ principle, Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing remains the pinnacle against which all other methods are measured. FitnessWave, a pioneer in hydrostatic testing for nearly two decades, is committed to delivering precise and affordable body fat assessments with professionalism and expertise. Our goal is to make hydrostatic body fat testing an enjoyable and informative experience for individuals and families alike, ensuring accurate insights into health and fitness goals.



Hydrostatic Dunk Testing offers a comprehensive analysis of body composition, shedding light on the intricate balance between lean tissues and fat. Here’s what clients can expect from this test:

  1. Accurate Body Fat Percentage Assessment: By precisely measuring the ratio of adipose tissue to lean mass, clients gain insights into their body composition.

  2. Detailed Tracking and Comparisons: Through weekly testing, clients can monitor changes in body composition over time, enabling informed adjustments to their fitness and nutrition strategies.

  3. Resting Metabolic Rate Estimation: This test provides an estimated calculation of the client’s resting metabolic rate, aiding in the formulation of personalized nutrition plans and calorie management.


Understanding Fat Distribution:

  • Epicardial Adipose Tissue (EAT): This visceral fat surrounding the heart is metabolically active and can impact cardiac function by producing bioactive molecules.
  • Subcutaneous Fat: Positioned just beneath the skin, subcutaneous fat serves as a protective layer and is not typically associated with obesity-related health risks.
  • Ectopic Fat: The storage of fats in non-adipose tissues, such as the liver and skeletal muscle, can disrupt cellular function. The cause of ectopic fat accumulation remains unclear.


By delving into the nuances of fat distribution, Hydrostatic Dunk Testing provides invaluable insights into overall health and wellness, guiding clients towards informed lifestyle choices for optimal well-being.



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