12 Incredible Reasons to Attend Our Fitness Retreat

12 Important Reasons why Choosing a Fitness Reatreat to Lose Weight is a the best desicion for your health, your life, and your well-being!

Nothing worthwhile is easy, especially when you’re faced with the prospect of changing the way you eat, the way you exercise, and even the way you think⎯pretty much the way you do everything. But you’ve decided to take this monumental step and you need to choose the place where you will have the best chance of success. Below are 12 reasons why the FitCulture Fitness Retreat is the answer to that question. But before you read, know that our Fitness Retreat is not easy.

#1 We Will Probably Make You Cry

Live in Fitness has helped hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.  And although their journey was not always easy, we have seen grown men (not as grown as they were when they got here) shed tears of joy after shedding pounds.  It’s an overwhelming feeling to accomplish such a monumental task, especially when hard work and dedication are constant in both the client and the Live in Fitness team.  We look forward to handing you a Kleenex.

#2 You Can't Be Your Old Self

We’re not saying not to like, even love, who you are right now.  We’re saying that if you liked who and where you are right now, you wouldn’t be reading this.  We don’t just throw you on a treadmill⎯we dig in to who you are to find out why you’re not succeeding in your health, fitness, and weight goals and help you make the necessary changes to succeed.  Not only will you be a better yourself when you leave, you will continue to love yourself even more.

#3 We Are Total Geeks

I’m sure you want to spend your time at Live in Fitness with cool people…and you will, but we have to confess our nerdy side.  Our successful formula is based on scientific information and analysis.  Depending on your goal, we have the technology and knowledge to adjust your diet and exercise regimen in a way that guarantees your success.

#4 We Take Accurate And Scientific Tests

You will not be graded per se, but you will be taking a lot of tests.  Our state of the art equipment allows us to make ridiculously accurate assessments of your current state of fitness and health, so we can examine your goals and create a successful plan based on your individual situation and tailor your meals and exercise regimen specifically to you.

#5 You Will Be A Better Human When You Leave

This is true.  You will be more confident, more self-assured, more knowledgeable, have better habits, and mostly you will have a strength of character that can only come from working hard at something difficult and coming out the other side successful…and a whole lot lighter.

#6 You Can't Eat Whatever You Want

But you will want to eat what you can.  Our top chefs tailor delicious and nutritious meals to you and your program.  What you eat and your general eating habits will certainly change, but you will enjoy the change.  If you doubt that our meals are delicious, nutritious, and effective, just ask the Los Angeles Clippers, Cedric the Entertainer, Khloe Kardashian, and the countless celebrities who have, and do, enjoy our meals.

#7 We Have Failed a Lot Too

Every success story begins with failure.  The difference is, that after 16 years in business, we are still standing.  This is because we take our failures and turn them into successes.  We are constantly evolving, striving to create a formula that ensures success, and year after year, we are getting closer and closer to perfection. 

#8 We Are Not a Luxury Resort

Other programs and companies promote their fine dining, scenic views, and luxurious accommodations.  That’s a vacation, and a vacation is what you do when you need a break from work.  At Live in Fitness,  you will work, and with your dedication and the dedication and hard work of our staff, you will succeed.  Then you can go on vacation…and look and feel really good while you’re there!

#9 People Will Bug You

We don’t just take your money, put you in a cookie cutter program, and hope success comes out the other side. Our staff is composed of experts from all areas of health, fitness, and nutrition, and every one of them cares about you specifically.  As much as you might want to give up, we refuse to let you.  

#10 You Can Run, But We Won't Let You Hide

You can run…and swim, surf, do yoga, dance, play basketball…pretty much any form of exercise that fits your body and taste, but when it’s time for you to leave, we won’t let you hide.  Our aftercare program ensures that you maintain the habits that have made your stay here successful in the first place. 

#11 It's Going To Cost You, But It's Worth It!

No, our program is not inexpensive, but if you can find a program that costs less, we’ll match it…in terms of price.  In terms of you successfully achieving your goals, we’ll exceed it and then some.  The question really though isn’t how much is your health and happiness worth, but what is the cost of not taking action…and taking that action with the best!

#12 We Care Too Much

We really do.  Our entire staff is motivated by your success.  We are all more than experts in our field⎯we know what it takes to succeed, and it brings us the utmost joy to watch each and every one of you succeed in ways that you previously wouldn’t believe!